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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

What is Hooked Up Fishing Box? Who are the Owners?

Lets start with Hooked Up Fishing Box.

HUF Box (Hooked Up Fishing Box) is a subscription box company based in the small town of Jacksonville OR, that delivers quality fishing tackle (and gear) right to your door each month! With a team of experts searching far and near for amazing products for the PNW anglers. Why? Well, due to the unfortunate events of 2020, this year has forced us all to get outside and adventure. Which a majority of that adventuring would be fishing right? Yes! Of course. And its not a bad thing either! Yes we know there are a lot of fishing subscription boxes, what makes this one different? For starters, this one is geared towards salmon, steelhead, trout, and kokanee species found in the Pacific Northwest's rivers and lakes. Yes. There are a couple out there for those species, however a majority of them are geared towards fly fishing and bass fishing. We wanted to provide a box with unique and quality products. So you'll find top brands such as Mustad and Tufline, and also local brands like H&H Outfitters (also top) and Steelhead Slammers. A big shout out to those companies that have given us a chance from the beginning, we appreciate you all. .

Now onto the Owners of Hooked Up Fishing Box.

The Owners are Jesse and Crystal Spates. A married couple that grew up in Oregon. Jesse grew up in various areas surrounding Portland, and Jacksonville. Crystal spent her elementary years in Southern California, and moved to Wilsonville Oregon when she was 12.

They met working together in an assisted living community in the summer of 2006. They share a love and passion for the outdoors, and have instilled in their children, the importance and respect for the outdoors.

Jesse is always on the water fishing one way or another. He has the biggest passion for fishing in every season. He's been fishing all of his life, and does not plan on stopping!

With his passion he puts a lot of thought into the products he buys for himself when he's out on the rivers, lakes, and ocean. You won't catch him with mediocre tackle or gear, and you won't catch that in any of the boxes Hooked Up Fishing Box offers. Quality is mentioned quite a bit on this website, and that is exactly what they aim to provide. Quality service, quality products, and quality information.

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Yes, we will be featuring some of their products in the launch box and future boxes! We are beyond grateful for all of these companies. You all are going to get hooked up!