We are closing shop!

We are sad to say, we are no longer getting new merch for upcoming boxes.

We may be back in the future but this venture has unfortunately been a loss for us. Any orders received for this month will get a packed box (not a HUF box) filled with gear.

We would have liked to see this be a huge success for the NW Fishing community, but despite our efforts we were unable to reach as many people as we could.

A huge shoutout to those customers who continued their subscriptions and helped get the word out, we appreciate you more than you will ever know!

We also are selling shirts and hats still on the site, but boxes are no longer for sale.

Its bye for now, we will see you again!

- Jesse and Crystal

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Yes, we will be featuring some of their products in the launch box and future boxes! We are beyond grateful for all of these companies. You all are going to get hooked up!